First days at BritAcademy

We recognise that saying goodbye to your son or daughter on their first day at preschool can often be a difficult and emotional experience. We therefore find that our flexible approach to transition is extremely beneficial: we offer the opportunity for pupils to spend time with us, participate in our summer workshops and due to our small nature, can work around you and your family to develop the best transition plan for your child.

Our work is in partnership with parents. We aim to build positive and proactive relationships with families to ensure a child’s very best start in life.


„Personal Development” workshop

The PD workshop is a relaxed group session with our preschool psychologist, providing a chance for children to focus on their Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Children are in a group of no more than 10.

We focus on a range of themes and topics, such as- our emotions and how we express them, how we can stay calm when things get tough, Friendships, how we learn and to have a growth mindset.

Self Esteem is a big part of our learning in Phoenix and we carry out lots of activities based on this!

Because it is small group it is much easier for children to develop and maintain positive relationships within the group.

During the sessions the children’s progress is observed and monitored and at the end of the program children will either stop attending Phoenix group or be given more time to focus on these areas a little more.


PSED months


Every year, September, October and November are dedicated to personal, emotional and social development. Our activities aim to develop strong connections between the children and create a sense of belonging to a community.
Group cohesion games and stories are essential to creating positive relationships at BritAcademy.


PD one-on-one


PD one-on-one is work focusing on a child’s Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Each PD session is carried out on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis.

The sessions are usually in the form of a planned, structured activity, a chance to draw and talk about any issues a child may have, or just to sit and talk through any difficulties.

Sessions can focus on Behaviour, Strong Emotions, Bereavement, Separation, Anxiety, Friendship Difficulties, Transition issues and any other problems a child may need some help with to ensure a positive emotional well being.

The sessions are observed and evaluated to acknowledge progress and determine whether further sessions are required.




Every year, in the second part of August we organise our centres in the garden, so that parents have the opportunity to participate with the little ones to our workshops, get to know the other children, parents and our staff.

Please be informed that all suspected forms of abuse are immediately reported to Child Protection Services.