COVID- 19 Policy

BritAcademy has a strict COVID-19 policy which includes disinfection protocols, sanitation measures and social distancing norms. We also attend weekly webinars to learn about what other schools and centers around the country are doing to be safe. This is a changing document so please check back for updates. Key points below:

  • All children and staff will have temperatures taken upon arrival with a non contact thermometer.  A basic health survey must be completed on BritAcademy for each child before they can enter the building.
  • The only adults in the building will be the staff.
  • One class at a time on the playground. Playground equipment will be disinfected between classes.
  • Toys will be disinfected and rotated daily. Any soft toys (dolls, stuffed animals, dress up) will be put in storage.
  • Auxiliary programming will be significantly impacted. No external staff will be contracted for optionals.
  • The staff is promoting and demonstrating regular hand washing and positive hygiene behaviors and monitoring their uptake:
  • Frequent and  thorough washing (at least 20 seconds) is encouraged
  • Hand sanitizers are placed at hand all over the preschool – at the entry, outside, in the hallway, in toilets, classrooms
  • The preschool is cleaned and disinfected several times a day, after every activity, before every meal.
  • The surfaces touched by many people (chairs, toys, tables, door handles, teaching and learning materials etc.) are disinfected after each activity/interaction with appropriate substances.
  • Increased air flow and ventilation inside.
  • Reduced the number of children in a group and avoid interaction among groups
  • Distance lunch and activity tables, beds, chairs in order to have at least 1.5m between children
  • We encourage good hand and respiratory hygiene practices through fun learning activities
  • Staff wears masks which are changed every 4 hours, cleaning staff wear gloves.
  • If a child becomes symptomatic at school they will be taken to a designated empty classroom to wait with a teacher/the medical staff until they are picked up.  Any child who appears sick (COVID-19 or otherwise) must be picked up immediately. Parents are asked to plan appropriate help, if the child has any of the symptoms in the medical protocol (check the medical protocol)
  • In the event of a positive case in the school (child or staff), the entire school community will be notified on the whatsapp group.  The infected person’s identity will not be shared. We will contact the Bucharest Health Department to determine our course of action.  We will most likely close the classroom and request that the entire class quarantine for 14 days. The class will pivot to online learning during this time. The entire school will remain at home for 72 hours while the school is thoroughly cleaned and while we collaborate with the Health Department to ensure a safe re-opening.