BritAcademy is looking for  Nursery Teachers to join our staff in Bucharest. We are looking for an experienced teacher, with good Early Years knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm.

The nursery teacher will be responsible for a group of up to 16 children within the 3-5 age range – and will work closely with a teacher assistant.

Responsabilities include

  • planning and presenting lessons and activities in accordance with the EYFS
  • maintaining all records, write report and keep up to date observations on all their key children
  • liaising with and meet with parents, in order to promote our parent/teacher partnership
  • following the safeguarding, anti-bullying and behaviour policies of the school


Please be aware that we take very seriously our duty of care towards all of our students; as part of our safeguarding procedures we will undertake rigorous checks with referees and we will require the candidate to provide current police checks

We will not directly discriminate against a person because of their actual or
perceived disability. We will make reasonable adjustments in the recruitment and employment of disabled people. For example, adjustments to recruitment and selection procedures, to terms and conditions of employment, to working  arrangements and physical changes to the premises or equipment.

Personal conduct
Staff, volunteers and trustees should conduct themselves in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Our equal opportunities policy requires that all staff, volunteers and trustees treat any individuals they encounter in Early Education with respect, and that they recognise that diversity brings differences in behaviour and opinion, which should  be respected
unless these are in conflict with the core values of the organisation.

Code of conduct

All staff is committed to:

• Listening and supporting children and young people.
• Confidentiality (ie, only share private and sensitive information about a child or young person when it is in their best interests to do so; eg, if there is a safeguarding concern or a disclosure).
• Not promising to keep secrets and not asking anyone to do so.
• Being aware of their position of trust.
• Respecting all children and young people.
• Maintaining appropriate professional boundaries and not displaying any behaviour that may be misinterpreted by others.
• Adhering to the organisation’s policy on the use of communications technologies, including the use of mobile phones, cameras or webcams, the internet, including social networking, etc.
• Prohibiting social contact with children and young people, including prohibiting any physical or sexual contact either inside or outside of the organisation. (However, in international schools, many staff have children who are being educated at the same school, and therefore there will be
occasions when staff have social contact with other children due to their own children’s friendships. It may be advisable to inform a line manager, or check whether there are any policies covering this area.)
• Avoiding or minimising the occasions when they are alone or in a secluded area.
• Stipulating that behaviour should be beyond reproach at all times, including banning the use of sarcasm, insensitive or belittling comments or behaviour, or physical punishment of any description.
• Adhering to the organisation’s policy and procedures on transporting children and young people.
• Reporting any disclosures or allegations against any member of staff or volunteer without delay

Employer information

BritAcademy Bucharest is a growing pre-school, offering opportunities for staff development and career progression. All staff are trained in Child Protection and understand to report concerns by following the Safeguarding Policies.

We offer

A competitive salary

Great team spirit

Friendly and supportive working environment