• We provide a stimulating environment

Our activities are child centered and help children reach their full potential, building on what children already know. We encourage their curiosity and we instill the pleasure for learning, we foster positive attitudes towards problem solving.

  • Emotional development

Helping children put a name on their emotions and efficiently and socially acceptable manage them is one of our top priorities. Children are observed while playing with colleagues and key workers pay attention to their preferences as well as the areas where the little ones need help. We teach children cooperation, partnership, empathy and diversity. We build their self-esteem and teach responsibility, as part as a member of the family and community.

  • Physical development and respect for nature

Children need to play outside in order to grow healthy and strong. Out in the fresh air children feel free to use their imagination and learn how to plant a tree or make a bird nest. Nature shares unlimited development and exploration opportunities, while feeding children’s curiosity. Playing outside they make friends, develop physical skills and strengthen the immune system.

  • Transparency

The education process should be a partnership between parents and teachers, thus communication and transparency are essential. Relationships with parents are based on trust and mutual respect and also on the realistic communication of each other’s expectations.

  • Excellence in early education

We collaborate with professionals specializing in the early education of children and invest in continuous learning and training of our staff. We pride with a warm and motivating work environment.